I absolutely love early spring in New Jersey, when it's time to get outside and into the garden. Yes, it may still be on the chilly side across the state, but did you know that this is the perfect time of year to get some of those classic vegetables planted?

Now yes, the general rule still applies when it comes to Mother's Day (New Jersey's last frost typically occurs around May 15). That's typically the time of year when it's safe to plant most fruits and veggies in the garden. But as with almost everything in life, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

If you've been thinking of doing an outdoor garden, then this is the time to get it started. And don't get fooled by the risk of colder air as some of those garden favorites actually like it that way.

In fact, they may produce better now than during the heat of summer, so rotating them out if and when they start to die off is an option to consider. And since some of those garden staples like it on the cooler side, a fall crop might also be something to consider.


Here are just a few of the vegetables you can plant right now across the Garden State.

Early season vegetables you can plant now in the Garden State

It's the perfect time of year in New Jersey to start planting those early vegetables.

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