2018 was the worst year since 1990 when it came to pedestrians being killed by cars. Over 6,000 people across the country were killed.

New Jersey landed at 15th when it came to number of death per 100,00 people, with 2.07. The worst state was New Mexico, and the safest was Minnesota.

There are a number of factors that experts believe led to an increase, including both pedestrians and drivers being distracted by their phones, the popularity of SUVs with less clear sight-lines, and people crossing streets away from intersections with designated crosswalks.

2.07 out of 100,000 seems like a small number, and when it comes to other ways to die, it admittedly is. Still, walking down the street shouldn't put the fear of death in you. It's an easy preventable death, as long as you pay attention. The same goes for drivers - no one wants the guilt of striking a pedestrian on their soul for the rest of the life, so put down your phone, keep your eyes open, and stay safe.

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