WalletHub.com put together data to rank each state by their school system.

Surprisingly (at least to me), New Jersey ranked SECOND in the nation!

Massachusetts came in with a total score of 78.16, and Jersey settled in the number two spot with a total of 66.92. NJ came in 2nd for Quality, but 15th for Safety.

New Jersey also has the 2nd-lowest Dropout Rate, 4th-highest Math Test Scores, 5th-highest Reading Test Scores, and 3rd-lowest Pupil-Teacher Ratio.

WalletHub goes deeper into the numbers, so you can dig around there to find out just how they came up with these stats.

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I know that for residents, the NJ school system is usually the butt of jokes, but maybe it's just that way for everyone? If the numbers are there to back it up, we should be pretty proud of our state's school system for their accomplishments.

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