Have you hit up Red Bank at all in the last year in a half?

Back in 2020, a new "Broadwalk" pedestrian plaza was launched.

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You get it? The title is a play on "Boardwalk" and "Broad Street" which makes sense because this area is set up on Broad Street and Monmouth Street.

Well, I think it's hilarious...

BUT ANYWAYS....the Broadwalk was created to give businesses a chance to survive during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Do you remember that? When outdoor dining was basically our only option!

However, what originated as a survival tactic has now become a beloved attraction for Red Bank residents and visitors alike.

According to RedBankPulse.com, it is being described as, "a sprawling pedestrian plaza that mimicked the style and allure of many European old cities."

I saw on APP.com that, as of now, this plaza is set to be shut down on September 30th.

I know...I'm sad about it too.

But I thought shutting this area down would be a mistake from the beginning...so I did some digging and reached out to a few Red Bank officials.

Here is what I found out from an inside source within the town of Red Bank:

The first is that the Broadwalk's existence might be extended in 2021!

"The current municipal authorization for Broadwalk expires September 30th," said the inside source. "We are likely to request it be extended to October 31st. We believe there will still be many who prefer to dine outside during this period, particularly with COVID-19 still a concern.  The Borough is doing some construction work in the area that would likely prevent Broadwalk from continuing beyond October 31st. The weather obviously becomes less conducive to outside dinning after that time anyway."

What I do know is that a meeting has been held and an official request for this extension has been submitted. But you know how these things work...it will take some time to get the official approval.

But the good news is that we still have over 30 days until the Broadwalk's current expiration date arrives.

The second, and it is a big one, is if this Broadwalk Pedestrian Plaza will become an annual tradition in Red Bank!

The decision to continue Broadwalk next spring is ultimately a Borough decision that has yet to be decided," continued the source.  "River Center is expecting to do some outreach/surveying to better understand the pros and cons of Broadwalk to aid in the Borough’s decision.  With that said, we have been very pleased with how Broadwalk has created a very vibrant, pedestrian friendly environment that has been enjoyed by thousands of both new and regular visitors to Red Bank."

Looks like officials loved how it turned out but do you see that sentence in bold?

It sounds like a decision will ultimately be made based on the feedback from those who live in Red Bank and businesses who participated in this Broadwalk.

If you want this Broadwalk to return in 2022, my advice would be to SPEAK UP! Let your Jersey Shore officials know so that it can be made official!

And who knows...if this pedestrian plaza works so well in Red Bank, it could be brought to other Jersey Shore towns that don't have boardwalks but could use the extra business.

I'm telling you.... the sky is the limit here.

I will check back with you once a decision on this Broadwalk has been made -- both for 2021 and 2022.

But for now, enjoy!

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