Online adult superstore Adam & Eve compiled the stats to figure out the most popular sex toy in each state. They based the info on sales data from 1.4 million unique buyers who ordered 6.2 million items through their site.

Across the country you'll find the typical vibrators, a few fleshlights, and other things I feel like will get me in trouble with our IT department for looking at.

Finally we reach New Jersey! Our most popular sex toy?

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing


For just $159.95, they're practically giving it away! With a customer rating of 8.8 out of 10, it's no wonder it is a popular item.

What I find most interesting is that this is the sort of thing that requires a lot more dedication than just buying a dildo or vibrator or something. You can stash one of those in a drawer when not being used, but a full-blown sex swing is something that needs more space. The product description says you can attach it to an overhead beam or doorway, but I'm not totally sure I would trust using this thing without being installed into a rafter, which is a construction project in itself.

Also, the fact that this is the most popular item in New Jersey means there are good odds that someone listening to the Hawk, someone reading this, someone you work with owns this. Think about it.

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