North Jersey town Maplewood recently passed an ordinance that would ban leaf-blowers during the summer. The new rule bans the use of gas-powered blowers by commercial landscapers from May 15 to September 30 each year; the rule doesn't apply to residents or non-commercial associations.

I am wholeheartedly in support of this ban, because hearing a landscaping crew roll into my neighborhood on a Saturday morning while I'm trying to sleep sparks a murderous rage inside me.

Here are some other noises I think should be banned:

- Going along with the leaf-blowers, I say we ban commercial lawn-mowers, chainsaws, wood-chippers, anything with a motor. Even if it's not a full ban, just wait til like, noon? Is that too much to ask for?

- This is such an old-man thing to say, but if I can hear your car speakers from a mile away, they're too loud. You're not impressing anyone while cruising down Ocean Avenue, bro, just chill. I love loud music, but thumping beats in your car is dumb.

- I feel bad for the people that live on some of the side streets in Point Pleasant that have to listen to the drunken rambling of people as they leave the clubs on the boardwalk. Girls crying too loud, guys yelling - again, total "old man moment", but just shut your face. I don't know how this could be "banned", but shut up.

- Can I just be the arbiter when it comes to all music? If I don't like it, I think it should be banned. BOOM.


What other noises annoy you? What do you think should be banned?

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