put together a list of towns in every state, ranking them on a number of variables: schools, crime rate, diversity, employment rate, and more.

The number one ranked town in New Jersey is...

WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP! The Mercer County town was one of many to receive an A+, but they came in with the highest overall score.

The lowest ranked town in New Jersey is...

BROOKFIELD!  With a D grade, this small town in Warren County got the lowest score on the site. There were a handful of towns that received no grade, which I guess is the equivalent of an "incomplete" on your report card.

Other towns that were interesting to me:

Irvington, where I spent the first six years of my life, came in with a D+.  Thanks to mom & dad for moving us out of there!

We moved to Brick Township from Irvington, and it was a vast improvement with a B-.

I currently live in Lakewood, and I can't really argue with the grade of C+.

You can search New Jersey towns by ranking or alphabetically; how did your town rate?

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