The greatest former member of the Hawk Flight Crew, BIBBS, got a picture of this air freshener.

Facebook via Bibbo
Facebook via Bibbo

There's no real description as to what scent it is...the image shows a beach, so I assume it's a sort of ocean/sunscreen blend...but since it doesn't officially state the smell, let's figure out what it could be!

- Parkway Exhaust

- Pizza!

- That particular smell around the Parkway in the 30s/40s, the odd mix of swampland and pine needles

- That particular smell of the Turnpike around Newark, gas and smog and industrial waste

- Wawa coffee

- The sweet smell of cotton candy and funnel cake from the Point Pleasant or Seaside boardwalk

- The overwhelming mashup of too many different colognes and perfumes outside the bars/clubs from the Point Pleasant or Seaside boardwalk

What did we miss? What do you think New Jersey smells like?


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