With a hilariously-low approval rating of just 15%, Chris Christie is just playing out the string of his governorship, and genuinely doesn't seem to care anymore.

When Monmouth University pollsters asked people about the pictures of Christie on the beach at Island Beach State Park, here are the words people used to describe him:

Haven't seen pictures14%
Angry, outraged7%
Unbelievable, surprised, ridiculous6%
Jerk, profanity used6%
Not bothered6%
Selfish, disregard5%
Stupid, idiot, dumb move4%
Unfair, taken advantage of4%
No response4%
Physical appearance3%
Typical, not surprised3%
Disgraceful, horrible2%
Sad, upset, confused2%
Doesn't care anymore, bad governor2%
Other negative comment2%
Laughed, amused2%
Other general comment2%
His right, good for him2%
Takes nerve, guts1%
Fake news, upset with media1%

First of all, 14% said they didn't see the pictures? What, do you people not have internet? It was impossible to not see those pics over July 4th weekend. Even worse are the 1% who just yelled "fake news!" and blamed the media. Fake news? THERE WERE PICTURES. IT HAPPENED. What could be fake? Do these people think that Christie wasn't really on the beach, did he really not "get any sun" that day?

What words would you use to describe Christie?

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