Most of the time we find lists that rank the Best "Whatever" in New Jersey. This time around, the fine folks at made a list of the WORST college in each state across the country.

The institution of higher education they chose for the Garden State is:

Here's what they have to say:

New Jersey has some pretty good options. Bloomfield is the worst, but it’s better than some on this list. Bloomfield College has a 31.9% graduation rate. The median salary is $38,200, which graduates use to pay their debt of $26,044. Still, some have trouble, which causes a 14.5% default rate on loans despite 92% finding employment.

A graduation rate of under 32% seems really low, but a 92% employment rate sounds awesome...but then again, are we talking about 92% of 32%? Because that's not great.

Don't get butthurt if you happen to be an alumnus of Bloomfield College, because it's all just a bunch of number-crunching.

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