Growing up along the Jersey Shore gives us a different perspective on our area. We know what places are good, which are bad, which are full of tourists, which are the best hole-in-the-wall local spots...but how do outsiders view us?

The Active Times put together a list of the "Most Underrated Tourist Spot" in each state. Their choice to NJ? Point Pleasant.

Point Pleasant Beach (Faecbook)
Point Pleasant Beach (Facebook)

The site says

The city is the ideal mix of fun for the entire family and parties on the beach. No need to go on Long Island in New York to surf. In the off hours, surfers gather at "The Pocket" area at the inlet, according to Visitors Guide. You’ll see some of the area’s best surfers shredding left and right hand breaks. Nearby Manasquan offers surfers a chance to find waves.

That actually seems to undersell Point, and I'm not sure why it would make it "the most underrated" spot in NJ. There's a ton more to Point than just a good surfing spot.

What do you think the most underrated spot in our state is?

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