Marvel has unveiled the roster of superheroes for Avengers Forever, a new comic series from Jason Aaron and Aaron Kuder. The team will officially be named “Avengers of the Multiverse,” and will be led by the young Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes. Among the intriguing list of characters that appear on the cover for issue #1? Captain Carter from the Disney+ animated series What If...?.

In addition to Captain Carter, the series will feature various key team members including a Tony Stark variant named the Invincible Ant-Man. In his timeline, this Tony never became an inventor, but rather an archaeologist who takes on the Ant-Man mantle. There's also a version of Vision, Quicksilver, Speedball, Thunderstrike, Doctor Druid, an alt-version of Amadeus Cho as the Hulk, and many more.

Check out the cover for Avengers Forever #1 below, which features a myriad of multiversal heroes. Captain Carter is just off center to the righthand side:

Marvel has featured a version of Peggy Carter who became Captain America before — she was a member of the recent series Exiles — but not Captain Carter.

Avengers #50 lights the fire. Avengers Forever is the explosion that follows,” Aaron said in a statement to Newsarama. “A slam-bang supernova of a megabomb that sends shockwaves across all of reality, to Earth after Earth that's been defaced by the new Multiversal Masters of Evil, to the ruins of Asgard at the end of time, to an Avengers Tower that sits atop a bedrock of fallen gods at Infinity's End.”

Aaron continued: “Along the way, we meet some new versions of Avengers we know, as well as witness the return of some dear old friends, in a series that will swing for the fences with each and every issue, as the Mightiest Heroes of all the Earths in the heavens look to assemble as never before.”

Avengers Forever #1 goes on sale on December 22, 2021.

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