I guess it's official...Facebook has changed its desktop layout. (again)

The app on my device seems the same. It's probably just a matter of time before they change that too

For the fast few weeks, when you open Facebook, the new layout would appear, but you had the option to switch back to the classic layout, but that all changed.

It seems we are now forced and stuck with the new layout. Developers made the change to place more emphasis on Groups and Events

Why do they have to constantly change things up when things seem to be perfectly fine. Everything was simple and easy to navigate through. Now things seem big and clunky, and I don't really care for it.

We are creatures of habit. We knew exactly the notifications, home, marketplace buttons were located. We can practically find them with our eyes closed, but now we have to get used to them in the middle of the screen at the top of the page.

The only feature that I think I like with the new layout is the dark mode. I can see that really come in handy at times

I know there are a lot of worse things in the world that really is a problem, and this is more of an annoyance. And, yes I know that we will get used to it at some point as well, but as far as I can remember, this is the most drastic change that they have made

But what do you think about the new Facebook layout? Do you like it, or would you rather go back to the "classic" layout? Thumbs up or thumbs down for the new Facebook?

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