Last week we told you about Brick Mayor John Ducey and his plan to bring a Wegman's to Ocean County.

Townsquare Media's Dianne DeOliveira contacted Wegman's Vice President of Media Relations Jo Natale and asked if the public pleas were working.

Natale responded:

We don’t  make decisions based on the volume of requests we receive from a community. We can’t do that. We have to take lots of things into consideration when we select a site. It certainly doesn’t hurt that people want us to come to a community, but we open just three or four new stores each year, and for that reason we can be very methodical in choosing a site ... We never say never, of course, but we have no plans today to open a store there [in Brick Township]. We’re not considering sites there at this point in time. Of course, we have a store in Ocean Township [Monmouth County]"

You can read more from Dianne DeOliveira here.

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