I know I've heard people say a drive-thru Wawa would be great...and I've always disagreed. Unless it was devoted specifically to coffee or pre-made sandwiches, the line would just be unbearably long. I don't have time to sit in a drive-thru waiting for the guy in front of me to get two cheesesteaks and a chicken finger/mac&cheese bowl and an Italian hoagie, plus a couple bags of chips and two bottles of soda and a Monster energy drink.

A much better idea is curbside pickup. Even though Wawa wasn't one of them, there were plenty of restaurants that saw success and were able to stay afloat during lockdown by offering curbside pickup along with delivery.

Wawa is currently testing curbside pickup at locations in Philadelphia and Ewing, NJ, but there are plans to expand to thirty more stores by the fall.

The few times I had to run into a Wawa during lockdown, it was always clean and efficient. There were wipes on pretty much every surface, right next to the touchscreens, around the coffee bar, and hand sanitizer at the doors. I know it's still a big corporation, but Wawa really does seem to manage to do right by their customers most of the time.


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