Congratulations once again to our 2019 Bar Band Winners on the Jersey Shore, West End Dogs.

This was our 4th annual bar band competition. Previous winners were Ned Ryerson & the Groundhogs, Amish Outlaws, and last year's winner was The Impulsives.

This past Friday, the guys from the band made it into the studio to hang with me for a bit.

The guys were really cool. Gary, John,  Steve, Ryan, and Mack hung out for about an hour or so to jam for a little bit. They performed Billy Joel's "My Life", and "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Suede. It was a lot of fun!

West End Dogs performing My Life:

West End Dogs performing Hooked on a Feeling:

It was great to meet the guys because I wasn't too familiar with them. They mostly play bars in Monmouth County.

This Summer they said they will be down in Ocean County a little bit more. They'll be playing at MJ's in Bayville. I'm looking forward to it. They seem like they bring a good time whenever they play. When I get the date, I will let you know.

Click HERE to see their upcoming gigs.

They also joined me on the air for the "10 @ 5 Free Flight. Check it out:

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