may want to get your kid a job application for Walmart A.S.A.P!  This week Walmart unveiled new terms to their educational assistance program and it was HUGE. Effective on this August 16th associates of Walmart and Sam's Club will no longer have to pay to participate in the education program AND Walmart promises to pay 100% of college tuition and book costs!!!!!!!!!!!

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Walmart is the largest private employer in the country so I have every confidence but if you're an uber fan of The Office like me, don't tell me the scene where Michael Scott offers to pay for an entire graduating class' college tuition doesn't come to mind...LOL I swear that's all I'm seeing in my head right now.  OK, back to the facts.

This awesome change is Walmart doing its part to help curb student loan debt and help our economy.  This is their Live Better U education program. They are also planning to invest 1 BILLION Dollars over the next five years in career development for its employees.

I was thinking that this benefit would only benefit full time associates but that is not true...about 1.5 million part-time and full-time associates of Walmart and its Sam’s Club will be eligible to learn new skills and earn college degrees!  You can be part time!  Which of course is perfect for a college student.

Everyone is having such a hard time hiring right now but something tells me Walmart will be fully staffed with this change.

With the new plan, Walmart plans to invest almost $1 billion over the next five years in career training and development for its employees. This. Is. Awesome.

Thanks to CNBC for the original reporting here.

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