I asked a simple question of a co-worker this afternoon.  The response I got was unexpected.  "Is it, Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?"  The response?  "Oh don't even get me started. It's TAYLOR HAM!!!" Then 94.3 The Point midday personality Nicole Murray again exclaimed and re-affirmed "Taylor Ham" with a smile on her face.  After asking a few more co-workers, it became clear to me that we had a real difference of opinion on our hands.

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I was born and raised on Long Island.  We had ham, egg, and cheese.  I don't recall either Taylor Ham or Pork Roll, but my co-workers here at the Jersey Shore sure do!  And their opinions are pretty strong.

Station historian and Hometown View host, Kevin Williams shared some info on Taylor Ham having a shop on the boardwalk at Seaside Park.  Of course, I searched for intel on this and found an entire website devoted to it.  An interesting quote from someone on the message board affirms Kevin's memory.  "Ahh, Taylor Ham…the memories. Reminds me of our summers as townies in Seaside Park – leaving the beach in the afternoon and stopping at the pork roll stand on the Fun Town Pier boardwalk for a sandwich before our walk to the house."

94.3 The Point afternoon personality Matt Ryan said Taylor Ham but reasoned that it was like tissues.  "Hand me a Kleenex."  The product is tissues, but the Kleenex brand is so big that many people refer to tissues as Kleenex.  92.7 WOBM night personality Diana Tyler agrees, "It’s Pork Roll 😊.  Taylor Ham is a brand of Pork Roll."  Jenni James from 105.7 The Hawk agreed.

Another co-worker Jim felt a strong need to share an affirmative for Pork Roll. "As a matter of fact, I made a pork roll, egg & cheese on an English muffin yesterday for breakfast."

Lou Russo, Shawn Michaels, Sue Moll, and about 43 other staff members shared their thoughts and opinions and it was pretty divided.  Kory chimed in that it's regional.  North Jersey calls it Taylor Ham and South Jersey calls it Pork Roll.

That being said, our staff is divided, and from what I gather the entire state seems to be divided too.  So, let's all vote, share with friends and family, and get ONE universal answer and all move forward in a united way from here on out.  Ok?  Or at the least let's have some fun! PS - Feel free to enjoy the video below the poll for more history and feedback.

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