Vince Neil tuned in to watch Coldplay's performance during the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday — and he wasn't shy about sharing his displeasure after it was over.

As Neil's Twitter followers soon learned, the former Mötley Crüe frontman came away convinced that not only was Coldplay singer Chris Martin lip-syncing to tape during the band's set, but that he wasn't even doing a convincing job of it.

Perhaps to Neil's chagrin, many of his followers were only too willing to offer their own unvarnished opinions regarding his own prowess as a live performer. His tweet received no shortage of responses, many of which pointed out Neil's tendency to rely on the audience for vocals during shows — as well as his unfortunate misspelling of "lip sync," which he quickly and colorfully blamed on his phone's spell check function.

As many Crüe fans no doubt recall, the band had a long feud with Metallica stemming from the latter band's accusations that their 1997 American Music Awards performance was delivered to tape. Neil weighed in on the controversy last fall, saying, "There is no lip-syncing in rock ‘n’ roll; I mean, it just doesn’t happen. So it’s kind of a stupid thing to even talk about, because, I mean, anybody who goes to the show can tell there’s no lip-syncing involved. It’s pretty lame."

In Coldplay's defense, they may not have had any control over whether they'd perform completely live during the Super Bowl. The Red Hot Chili Peppers' set at Super Bowl XLVIII was partly mimed, and after the group was roundly criticized, bassist Flea pointed out that playing to tape was something mandated by the league. "There was not any room for argument on this," he explained in an open letter. "The NFL does not want to risk their show being botched by bad sound, period."

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