A couple weeks ago, I told you about a message in a bottle that was found in Harvey Cedars on LBI.  Well, the sender has been contacted!

Vince Stango found the message in the bottle on the beaches of Harvey Cedars.  He followed through with the instructions, according to NJ.com,

"Found the bottle? Read this note? I'm Stuart, if you wish, call or mail me. Speak or mail soon. England Stuart."

The two new friends chatted through text for a while.  Then App.com got in touch with the sender.

They found Stuart Brown of Yorkshire, England!  Brown said he threw 5 bottles off of an ocean liner that was traveling from New York to Southampon.

But why did he do it?  According to NJ.com,

Brown, a retired engineer, told app.com he threw the bottled messages because he likes to "get in touch with people."


Source: NJ.com

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