A Long Branch Police Officer was in a prime spot to catch two male teenagers try entering several parked vehicles along Second Avenue on Monday.

Upon observing the attempted burglary, the officer attempted to stop the accused teenagers who promptly ignored commands to stop as they fled on foot through nearby residential backyards.

The officer chased both on foot and provided detailed information to dispatch on the descriptions of the suspects.

Other officers assisted by setting up a perimeter and that led to the arrest of the first teen.

The second suspect was hiding in brush close by.

That's when a K9 was requested through the county radio room and a Sergeant from Middletown Police and his K9 partner, Jax responded to the scene.

The officers on scene and K9 Jax were able to take the second suspect into custody about one hour after the initial foot pursuit started.

The officers on scene had all received minor injuries during the incident as they had checked locations with briers and thorns while on scene until the second suspect could be located in the thick brush.

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