With today's "Light Up New Jersey" celebration, I decided to do this week's [Top5] list featuring songs with "Light" in the title.  Here are my [Top5], what are yours?

5 - Journey "Lights"

This is an obvious choice sure, but that doesn't mean it's not a good one. Also, I love the sideburns Steve Perry rocks in this video.


4 - Manfred Mann "Blinding by the Light"

Decided to go with the cover version rather than Bruce's original. I'm happy with that decision.


3 - The Doors "Light My Fire"

I chose the extremely shortened version, but it's worth it to see Jim screaming "higher" after being told not to by Ed Sullivan's crew.


2 - The Rolling Stones "Moonlight Mile"

One of my [Top5] Rolling Stones songs.


1 - Meat Loaf "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"

Nobody at the Hawk loves Meat Loaf anymore, but I'll keep carrying the torch.

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