One of the originals. Not the best-looking guy, but his charisma and confidence made women go nuts. He may have become a bit cartoonish as the years go by, but in his prime he was amazing. He knew how to be flamboyant, and you could tell how much effort he put into perfecting his peacock routine.

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Okay, my bias towards U2 may be evident once more. Even if they weren't my favorite band, I would still keep Bono in the discussion of great frontmen. Bono never really relied on the sex appeal, instead managing to engage a crowd in a different way. I've been to countless concerts where the frontman tries to talk to the crowd but gets ignored, but when I've seen U2 live, the crowd actually stops to listen to what this man is saying. That is frontman power.

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I originally had him at #2, but this is a last-minute edit. An argument could be made to put Plant as the number one, for me he slid to third. He was the golden god, and one of the rumor/theories of why he won't do a full Zep reunion is that he wants that image of his younger self to be what the public remembers. Hey, if you were as great as he was, how can you blame him?

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He was #3 but I pulled the late switch with Plant. There was just something about Freddie Mercury, a natural charisma combined with over-the-top theatrics. You can learn to be flamboyant, but Freddie didn't seem to be acting, he didn't seem to be trying, he could just take a crowd in the palm of his hand and bring them whereever he wanted.

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This was a difficult choice to make, but I ended up going with the Lizard King. There was just something slightly different about Morrison's style. He didn't really seem to care whether the crowd loved him, as long as they were feeling some emotion. He played the crowd, he taunted them, he shocked them, he spun them into a fury and watched what unfolded. His power to control a crowd puts him at the top of my list.

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