Just a Bit Outside prides itself on many things. Great radio. Good looks. Knowledge about everything from sports, to life skills, to holding court with the ladies. Somewhere on that list includes consistency. Every week includes a Top 5 Tuesday topic.

This week: The Top 5 worst television dads of all-time.

5. Red Forman: That 70's Show - Surly. Mean. Generally displeased with everyone in his life.  Red was funny, but he came across as a bad dad and mean husband.

4. Archie Bunker: All In The Family - Calling your son-in-law a meat head can't be good for family morale. Plus, he was a bigot.

3. Al Bundy: Married With Children - One of the funniest men in the history of television, but he simply couldn't run a family unit. His daughter dated an endless train of unsavory men without any resistance from her women's shoe salesman father.

2. Anthony Cooper: LOST - This man -- both the actor and character -- haunts my dreams. He entered the life of his adult son (John Locke) just to steal his kidney. Then he tried to murder him when he had the audacity to want a relationship. To top it off, his youthful days as a con-artist were the cause of death for Sawyer's parents. The guy is as bad as they come.

1. Walter Bishop: Fringe - One of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows took love to a level it should never go. Some background: The show features mirror universes that Bishop and his scientist colleague found a way to travel back and forth through. When Walter's seven year old son, Peter, developed a rare, incurable disease the world(s) changed forever. Despite trying his hardest to save Peter, the child perished. The grief struck Walter so hard that he went to the other side and kidnapped the mirror image of his child. He raised him with love, but cause a war of the worlds. The show is really cool. Walter Bishop's ethics aren't.

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