The internet is full of things you'd never imagine hearing or seeing. While diving into an internet rabbit hole of music, I found these mash-ups that hurt my brain a little bit. I had to share with you my favorites. In any order here are my Top 5 hilarious, yet catchy rock mash-ups.


1. Immigrant Check - The Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin

Now this song is HYPE! This sounds like a song that would fit right in on any Beastie Boys record. With the combo of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song as the music base and Beastie Boys' Ch-Check It Out rap vocals over top of it. It's got that fast driving rock feel with incredible rhythmic verses it makes for an amazing song! It's the perfect song for blasting this in your car on a long road trip or motivation for that last leg of your run!

2. Superkill - James Brown vs. Motörhead 

If you love high energy, then this song is for you. Somehow the Godfather of Soul's voice fits perfectly mashed up with Motörhead fast-paced rock. James Brown has the perfect amount of rasp in his voice to perfectly mesh with Lemmy. Here we have James Brown's Super Bad combined with a Motörhead mashup of Overkill and Ace of Spades. It's seamlessly transitions from James into Lemmy then into sweltering guitar solo's.

3. Sugar, Take me Higher - Creed vs. Fall Out Boy

This is the song that started my whole mashup wormhole today. This popped up in my memories on Facebook from a couple of years ago. Created by Twitter Famous Rock/Punk frontman Eric from Heart Attack Man. My friends and I started to listening to Creed ironically sometime in the mid-2010s and realized we actually enjoy quite a bit of Creed. So when I heard this it broke my brain, but at the same time made me smile and laugh.

4. Mother Was a Rolling Stone - Danzig vs. The Temptations

I love it when Soul and R&B mash-up so well with Rock. Imagine if instead of the Temptations backing Rick James in the '80s they backed up Danzig! Here is a mashup of Danzig's Mother with the soulful vocals of the Temptations' Papa Was a Rolling Stone. What an insane concept, but it's brought to life in this incredible mashup! For sure next time you hear Mother you be singing "It was the third of September"

5. All My Pokemon - Foo Fighter vs. Pokemon Theme Song

Ringing through most millennials' memories of Saturday morning cartoons is the Pokemon theme song. The fact that I'm a massive Foo Fighters fan is just a bonus when it comes to this one. Mixing the theme song of Pokemon and All My Life by Foo Fighters is a chef's kiss of internet humor. It sound's like they might have chosen a karaoke version of the Pokemon Theme Song(or just edited it that way) with Dave Grohl's vocals is priceless. It's only a minute long well worth a listen. Plus deep down in his heart, Dave Grohl is a rock-type Pokemon!

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