Whoever is in control of former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee's verified Twitter account at the moment has unleashed a harsh attack centered on tonight's American Music Awards show.

After two tweets that briefly address ABC's Dancing with the Stars (which airs on Monday nights) - "More like dancing with the F-list" and "when you have absolutely nothing left to offer so you decide to samba" - the account turns its attention to tonight's big awards show. "I love how all these people who don’t have s--- to do with music are invited to the AMAs," reads the first tweet. "Oh you once played a Selena Gomez cd in ur car? Here’s a ticket! RAD!

Following a NSFW pictorial post regarding L.A. billboard star Angelyne, the AMA analysis begins in earnest. "AMAS you mean GAYmas," declares the second. When a fan responds by asking, "what the f-- does that mean?," Lee's account answers "it means it’s f---ng weak as f---. And don’t say it’s some homophobic talk because we all know it ain’t. Don’t be a little b----."

After another Twitter user declares, "Dude. Not cool," Lee's account responds, "Not cool? OH MAN. Here comes the PC cops to take me away. We all know calling s-- gay doesn’t have s--- to do with actual gay ppl, it’s just an expression of speech so calm ur b-- a-- down."

A third tweet insists, "I’m just here to say everything everyone is too afraid to say," and the fourth and so far final asks, "when did we become a society full of such sensitive little b--- a--es? 'That’s offensive' 'This is offensive' 'I’m triggered' You know triggers me? The fact that ur such a whiny little b----."

It should be noted that last Monday (Nov. 14), Lee issued an online challenge to people who he claimed were attempting to hack his Apple ID. "Hey you c---suckers who are trying to hack my Apple ID !!!! I dare you!!!! SUCKIT!!!!!." As the Huffington Post reported last summer, numerous celebrity Twitter accounts -  including that of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards -  have been subject to takeovers recently, so it's possible that Lee himself is not behind these tweets.

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