We've all been dealing with the various restrictions during this pandemic. The size allowed for parties has shrunk and grown and shrunk again, the distance between people has been steady at six feet, the dining hours have changed...it's all been a whole lot of stress over the past nine-plus months.

While the number of people at your party still needs to be small, you could have fun maintaining social distance in an airplane hangar!

My coworker Liz found this totally unique party venue at the Monmouth Jet Center in Wall.

You can contact them for a few different opportunities:

Photo/video Shoots - Monmouth Jet Center features the longest private runway in the entire country, so you have plenty of open space to shoot pictures or video, all with planes and jets in the background.

Weddings - Obviously right now the guest list still needs to stay small, but if you're looking for a wedding that is out of the ordinary, this would be a sweet location. Whenever we get back to having big parties, you can have about 500 guests.

Band rehearsal - Believe it or not, Bruce Springsteen has used a hangar at Monmouth Jet Center as rehearsal space. The hangar is big enough to set up a concert stage to bring the whole band out to get warmed up before a tour or a big show.

Movie sets - You can also use the space to create an indoor movie set, whether you want to create a big fantasy world, or a realistic office setting.

Keep looking to the future when we can finally all party, and maybe we can all get together and celebrate in an airplane hangar!

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