The debate of who should be in the Hall versus who shouldn't, whether you support a Big Hall or a Small Hall, if there should a Hall of Fame and a separate Hall of Very Good or Hall of Statistical Greatness, or whatever...those debates would take far too long to discuss.

I'm just here to enjoy the fact that three of my favorite players are being enshrined in the Class of 2019!

One of my favorite pitchers in a long time, and I'm not sure if anyone else on the Yanks since then has reached the same level. I know the "professional" tag can be cliche, but he just took the mound every 5th day and gave the team a good chance to win. It kills me that he missed out on a World Series ring by getting to NY one year too late and leaving one year too early.

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers
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Even though he pitched for 16 years, it felt like too short of a career. He crushed my Yankees to a tune of 18-7 with a 2.98 ERA(!), but I loved watching him pitch. About ten years ago I went to Florida with my wife (then-girlfriend) around Spring Training time, and we were in a town that had signs saying "Home of the Blue Jays", and I warned her that if I happened to see Roy Halladay around town, I might freak out.

roy halladay
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There are really no ways to exaggerate his greatness. Elite, immortal, legendary, best ever at his position, unanimous. As stressful as the 9th inning can be for a baseball fan, it was always a joy to watch him pitch.

mariano rivera
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If you're wondering about Edgar I respect his abilities, but never really liked him, and I still have qualms about a DH being in the Hall. #sorrynotsorry

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