Thor and Wonder Woman occupy very similar places in the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. They are both stories of god-like beings from cultures that are both ancient and highly advanced. They come to live among mortals on Earth, and learn much from their time among us. Each hero has comic sidekicks, magical weapons forged by their people, and jokes about how they are fish out of water. (Wonder Woman has never worn a dress before! Thor loves coffee!) Both movies’ villains are the heroes’ brothers — both villains even spend most of the movie in an elaborate disguise — who want to start cataclysmic wars in order to seize ultimate power for themselves.

Thor and Wonder Woman are both pretty good movies, but there’s one key scene that works in Thor that just doesn’t in Wonder Woman. In our latest “Scene Fights” video we break down why that one scene is so effective in Thor and why it’s so frustrating in Wonder Woman. We also compare all the ways the two movies are similar — and the main way they are different. Watch it below:

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