We all love a vacation, but this voyage is unlike any you've ever experienced. In fact, I'm not so sure you're ready for the ride.

Meet the Sky Cruise. This enormous aircraft is basically designed to be a cruise ship in the sky. The design uses nuclear energy and could keep you in the air for months if that's your wish. Oh, and did I mention that it is pilotless? I'll give you a minute to let that sink in.

The design was conceived by artist Tony Holmsten over a decade ago, but it recently got an official mock-up by animator Hashem Al-Ghaili so we can see what it would look like. The Sky Cruise can accommodate up to 5,000 guests and it offers every luxury a cruise ship could ever offer. The most exciting feature allows guests to enjoy a 360-degree glass observatory for up-close star gazing.

That's not all, imagine experiencing the Northern Lights while flying through them?  If that makes you feel romantic, the "ship" would offer a wedding hall for you to seize the moment as well.  Guests can also enjoy an Olympic-sized pool, theatre, gym, shopping mall, and even a hospital to keep guests' health in check for long-term cruisers.

Due to the fact that this craft would use nuclear energy to stay afloat, it would not need to land. Is your mind blown yet? That means to get on and off, both commercial and private jets would dock on its landing pad and allow guests to enter or exit as it is in constant flight.

As epic as this looks, and even with the breathtaking views, I still can't imagine a world where I would do this. You can see what the experience would look like here:

Are you going to be the first or last in line for this cruise in the sky? If our world keeps getting overpopulated maybe it will be a new living arrangement? Who knows what the future holds.
Here are some people who actually might be able to afford the anticipated $100,000 entry fee.

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