No matter when we go, mainly for breakfast, it's always delicious and they have my favorite for breakfast, creamed dried beef.

I was just speaking with Jan from Forked River about the Forked River Diner and she says she always forgets about this place when it comes to diners. Jan then wrote me and said she went to the Forked River Diner last week and it never disappoints. Exactly.

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This is totally my opinion, but don't pass this one by. I can't say it enough, We love the Forked River Diner. It's one of the few places in Ocean County that actually have my favorite, creamed dried beef. Cream-dried beef is one of the foods that take me right back to my childhood.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

The Forked River Diner is right along Rt. 9 in Forked River. I've driven by it many times and never even thought twice about it until we went in. I can't believe the years I've missed at this delicious place. It's tiny, in a blink of an eye, and you might miss it in Lacey Township.

This adorable trailer-looking diner, very tiny - is lovely inside and exactly what I would want a diner to look like when I walk in. Like I wrote about earlier,  I didn't even realize it was even open. It's teal and silver with teal booths inside. Forked River Diner, a friendly, family-owned diner. Such a lovely owner with the sweetest voice (she'll get a kick out of that), and so much more.

Every time we eat there, I'm pleasantly surprised by this little place along Rt. 9 in Forked River, just a bit south of the Forked River Marina. I've written about this little gem before, it's truly one of the best, especially for breakfast. It just yells, "A true Jersey Shore Diner" to me.

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