Kindness was happening this past Sunday at the Barnegat Dunkin'. I love hearing these stories.

Sure there's lots of sadness right now, but there are happy things going on, too. Maybe not enough kindness in the world, well in Barnegat in beautiful Southern Ocean County, there was a lot of kindness in the drive-thru at Dunkin', according to the

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Starting around 10 am, Sunday morning it started in the drive-thru at the Dunkin' at Lakehouse Drive. One person would pay for the car behind them, then the next, then, the next. It was well over 100 cars that did pay it forward.

Usually, there would be five or maybe even ten customers that would do it in a row says a Dunkin' worker. This time straight in a row 106 people pay it forward. This is amazing. It was about two hours of pure kindness.

As one car would pull up and roll down their window, each customer got more and more excited because their coffee, donuts, muffins, or whatever they ordered was covered by the person in front of them, how cool.

It just goes to show that one act of kindness multiplies and people love it. A Dunkin' employee said the excitement just kept growing and growing as people were paying it forward.

102 cars, can you even imagine. WOW, how cool? Customers going through the Dunkin' drive-thru were all so excited and left the customers astonished.

There were orders as little as $2 and as high as $20 and the car in front of them was paying it. Kindness worked in Barnegat this past weekend at Dunkin'. Awesome.

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