You've heard of emotional support dogs, cats, and other furry animals....but an emotional support ALLIGATOR?? This has gotta be some kind of first!

If you were in LOVE Park in Philadelphia on Friday Aug 26, you might have been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Wally, a famous emotional support alligator! Wally drew plenty of attention as he was beating the summer heat by cooling off in the spray ground!

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Obviously not a sight you see everyday in Philadelphia! As you can imagine, people couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap pictures of Wally making himself at home in the water!

Wally is famously the emotional support animal of York, Pennsylvania resident Joie Henney. Here you can see him cuddling up the little gator like he was a regular dog!

But on this day, Wally was seen in the care of a young girl. She looks as though she's underage so she's remaining unnamed. You can see her guiding Wally along the water in his harness in this this footage someone posted on TikTok:

The kicked is, Wally doesn't seem to be dangerous. Quite the opposite! He was tame enough to accept pet and cuddles from strangers!

I love animals, but obviously there are some that I would immediately decline the opportunity to touch - reptiles being one of them. But I have to admit... Wally does look pretty cute!

And FYI, other unusual animals can be support animals too, like ferrets, llamas, bearded dragons, rats, mini pigs, and miniature horses. But still... an alligator is pretty out-there!

But Wally's cool. In fact, he's so cool that he even has his own TikTok page @wallythealligator. Give him a follow!

AND he's up for "America's Favorite Pet!" Cast your vote for him HERE! 

Keep being great, Wally!


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