Hoboken is the third most densely populated city in the United States with a population of about 60,000 living in less than a square mile and a half.

Parking is a challenge in many parts of the city and you might find yourself circling the block for a few minutes.

On Monday I met some friends at Augustino's in Hoboken.

Augustino's is an Italian restaurant on the northern part of the city close to Weehawken. The parking on Washington Street on that end is a little better and I found a spot right away a block from the restaurant.

We ordered appetizers for the table including hot sausage, scungilli salad and scallops.

Haven't had scungilli in years and it was perfect. That alone is worth the return trip.

For dinner it was the veal parm that stole the show. Outstanding.

Great sauce and melty cheese. Of course, when the bill came, I pulled out my credit card and got the looks from my dinner companions.

Cash only.

The conversation went from "whack it up five ways" to OK, FOUR ways.

Looks like I'm buyin' next time!

I'll be back for sure. Spending a lot of time in Hudson County these days as we ramp up our effort to spread the message about common sense policies to fix NJ.

New huge Italian Market coming to Monmouth County this week

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