What I love most about New Jersey, is our complexity and inability to agree on anything as a state. I’m serious. It provides so much entertainment.

I was scrolling through social media, and came across these hilarious maps on Reddit that divide the state. If you’ve ever wondered exactly which part of the state roots for New York Teams as opposed to who roots for Philly, or who calls it ‘Taylor Ham,’ versus ‘Pork Roll,’ look no further.

My favorite map is the North, South, Central Jersey debate. While this map shuts down the idea of a ‘Central Jersey,’ having lived up north and down south, I would kindly have to disagree. But, that all goes back to what I said earlier - it adds to the beauty of our state not being able to agree on anything.

Which of these maps is your favorite?

Reddit user: Aaron_1212
Reddit user: Aaron_1212

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