Brick is crazy with traffic, especially right now with the holiday traffic.

There are several on my list, mostly chosen by you. Please add to my list on the Facebook comments or email me We have a lot of busy intersections we have to encounter every day living here in Ocean County. Send me those intersections in Brick that drive you crazy.

Brick intersections are extremely busy around the holidays and summertime.

Our roads are packed with or without summer traffic. Summer traffic just brings on the extra stress, something we don't need. But, now I feel the traffic is horrendous especially in Brick...

The 5 Worst Intersections in Brick; Do You Agree?

I had to make a quick trip to the Christmas Tree Shops and the horns that were beeping on Rt. 70, fingers flying in the air, it was a crazy afternoon. It was a Thursday afternoon around 2:00 pm and the traffic was just nuts. A Saturday and Sunday are just crazy along Rt. 70 because of Costco being right there. It was just a mess.

We have crazy traffic in Ocean County. It used to be because of the shore traffic. Yes, it is bad in the summer, but I truly think we have traffic all the time in Brick, Toms River, and most towns in Ocean County. I feel the traffic just keeps getting worse. Where there used to be traffic jams at around 5 pm, they're starting earlier, around 3 pm, and going even longer than before. Do you agree with these Brick intersections?

Brick residents seem happy with everything they have available to them in Brick from stores to restaurants. All those stores and restaurants bring traffic.

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