I don't know about you, but I have an awful lot of stuff that I don't use or need anymore. In general, it just sits around in storage gathering dust. Sure, I could use eBay or Etsy and try to make a buck. But in general, I'm not all that interested in the monetary value or going through the hassle of the listing, payment, shipping, etc (most of it probably isn't all that valuable anyway), so there is definitely motivation to just donate it for a good cause.

That being said, did you know that there's a whole section of Craigslist for people just giving stuff away for free at the Jersey shore? And, as you may expect from Craigslist, some of it is rather, well, unusual.



  • A Used Mattress

    Mattresses are expensive. Especially the really nice ones. I'd consider a mattress from a close friend or family member. A used mattress from a stranger? No thank you!

  • Sand

    We live at the Jersey Shore. Sand is, to put it lightly, abundant. Many people are normal and have nothing but the best intentions. But would you meet a stranger from the Internet to get something that you could just go to the beach and load up on for free yourself?

  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs

    If, for some reason, you could use "over 250" fluorescent light bulbs. This is the listing for you!

  • Girl's "Taylor" Name Sign

    Cute sign! But let's be honest, there is a very specific audience for this item. And chances of one of them being on Craigslist may not be great. But if you have a daughter named Taylor, go for it!

  • Free 32" TV

    A free TV? This is a winner, right?

    Until you look at it and realize that it's a huge, old style picture tube TV (which probably weighs around 50 pounds). And, no word on if it's even high definition or not.

    When you can get a flat screen HDTV for under $150 from a reputable online retailer, this may be one of those "how much is your time worth?" decisions.