The Stones just wrapped up their Hyde Park shows a little over a week ago and you can already get your hands on the album.

"Hyde Park Live" is available on iTunes and contains 19 songs that were performed on July 6th and 13th.

The album is available until August 19th on iTunes. reports that the two shows mark (nearly to the day) the 44th anniversary of the band's historical 1969 gig at Hyde Park.

The Stones’ return to Hyde Park was a nostalgic one. The band even redecorated the set to resemble the original tree-lined stage from 1969.

That legendary performance was their first with guitarist extraordinaire Mick Tayylor (Brian Jones had died just two days previously but was already out of the band at that point).

It appears these are the final shows of the tour, unless of course they have more surprise concerts planned.