I'm still not totally comfortable with the Roman numeral L. The NFL eschewed it last year in favor of the bold "Super Bowl 50" but said they would go back to the traditional style for 51, which leaves us with LI. Just looks weird to me. Anyway, as per the Hawk tradition, press play on this video to get yourself in the proper frame of mind.

Here's the picks!

FBHW - You can hear the entire FBHW show’s predictions RIGHT HERE!

Jennifer Lynn - (born and raised in Atlanta before moving to NJ) Falcons 27-24

Andy Chase - Patriots 27-24

Zach Martin - Falcons 27-17

Varacchi - My playoff predictions this year have me at 7-3 (Wild Card weekend was 2-2, Divisional Weekend was a 4-0 sweep, and Championship Weekend was 1-1). I've hitched my fandom to the Falcons so I'll be rooting hard for them (plus, eff the Patriots), but I think they'll fall short.  Patriots 26-21

atlanta falcons
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Bozz - Patriots 35-28

Stei - Patriots 31-15

Double Down - Patriots 31- 24

Pete Caruana - Falcons 34-31

Tom Cunningham - Falcon 41-38

Scott Stephens - Falcons 28-21

Pete Lepore - Patriots 24-7

new england patriots
Elsa/Getty Images

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