Do you have memories of the old Asbury Lanes? I used to love that place - I saw Pat DiNizio for the first time there, and since it was a small enough venue I actually got to meet and talk to him for a minute. I've had all my friends come out for birthday celebrations there, I've gone on random bowling trips for no real reason.

A few years ago the Lanes shut down, and ended up being purchased by iStar, a development company who was rebuilding lots of Asbury Park.

The APP has pix of the renovated interior.

asbury lanes2


I understand that things can't stay the same. I get that my nostalgic feelings don't matter when it comes to a business making money. I can complain all I want about how the Lanes just had a unique charm, a retro appeal, an indie vibe, and how this new version looks too hip, too clean, too polished. And honestly, I wouldn't be wrong - the thing is, this place just isn't for me anymore.

I had my times at the Lanes, and I'm sure I'll check it out at least once after it opens; but now it's time to let a new age of hipsters start their memories.


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