Joe and Melisa Gorga addressed the reason (or should I say reasons) why they chose not to go to Teresa's wedding.  During Melisa's spill-all "On Display" podcast they were laying the foundation for their side of the story.

If you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey you know that the relationship between Teresa and her brother and sister-in-law has come a long way but now, things are worse than ever. Is there ever a reason to miss your own sister's wedding day?  The Gorgas say there are many reasons.

It was a lavish affair (would you expect anything less?) at Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick.  Even Teresa's hair was lavish, needing 1,500 bobby pins and hair extensions...oh, and the half up, half down bride of Frankenstein do' cost 10K dollars let's not forget that. There were 220 people there should have been 224.  On Melissa's pod she and Joe broached the subject of why they were a no-show on Teresa's most important day.

I'm listening, hooked, and ready to get their big reasons when it dawned on me, that this is one big PR stunt.  I'm in the media, how did I get baited in? Grrrrr...Melissa said that there was a huge fight that happened before the wedding and because it was filmed, she is not allowed to talk about it....but keep watching.  So. Feaking. Duped.  Honestly, I think that family is all on the acting train but when it comes time to binge this season I will adopt a willing suspension of disbelief so I can gossip with the rest of you.

All we were able to really get out of the "big reveal" was that the fight was so aggressive it would have seemed "disingenuous" for them to sit in church and watch Teresa's special day.  If you follow the show, the irony of Jackie Goldschneider being in attendance but not Teresa's own blood will not be lost on you.

Apparently, we will see the 'many reasons' they decided not to attend when RHONJ's new season airs.  Does anyone remember the Christening?  Exactly. Will you be watching?

No doubt the most important people at her wedding other than her groom, Louie Ruelas were Teresa's four daughters Gia, 21, Gabriella, 17, Milania,16, and Audriana, 12, were right by her side.

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