It seems like robocalls are impossible to avoid. Last week our office was spammed with Chinese voicemails, and now a bunch of people have been talking about the "one-ring" robocall.

The latest scam is self-explanatory, where your phone rings just once then stops. The hopes of the scammer is that you will call the number back, at which point you dial the equivalent of a 900 toll number that will charge you.

If you're like me, you never answer the phone if it's just a number. If it's not in my contacts, I'm not picking up. If it's important and legit, they'll leave a message.

I'll admit I have had the urge to just call these numbers back and not say anything until they either say "Hello? Hello?" or hang up themselves, just to waste their time like they wasted mine, and then I remember that I don't care enough and can't be bothered.

This is the sort of thing that you should probably tell your older family members about, because (not to generalize, but) seniors are more susceptible to things like this.

The FCC also asks targets of this scam to file a complaint.

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