I will start by saying I am not entirely sure what to think about this.

Over the past few months, we slowly but surely announced the postponement or cancellation of nearly every concert, fair, and festival. Entire tours were wiped out, bands cancelled gigs from stadiums and arenas to clubs and bars. The Stone Pony scrapped their entire Summer Stage Series, and one of the last to go was this year's Sea Hear Now festival.

In spite of all of those postponements and cancellations, one festival still says it will happen as planned in 2020 - the Jersey Shore Festival. Organizers have confirmed dates, the weekend of September 11th and 12th, back on the beach in Seaside Heights.

Here's the statement from their website:

For the last 13 years, the Jersey Shore Festival has been proud to call Seaside Heights it's home and to bring bands and artists together from all over the world to gather for a unique networking and entertaining event. This is a challenging time around the globe due to COVID-19 and we're in uncharted territory. Like you, we're sensitive to the current state of events and we're keeping your health and best interests in mind.

In coordination with local and state officials, the Jersey Shore Festival will be rescheduled to September 11-12, 2020. We will continue to monitor things closely and adjust or reschedule the event as the developments unfold. We're so grateful to all our advertisers, supporters and performers and we look forward to keeping the fun going at this later time. We encourage you to continue submitting your band for consideration to perform or inquire with us in regards to sponsorship.

We value you and our community, and we're all in this together. Be safe and rock on! - JSF

Obviously things can change, and if there is another spike in cases I'm sure the state will step in, or the organizers themselves will make the decision.

Still, as cool as it seems to be bringing back this tiny bit of normalcy...it just doesn't sit right with me. Of course I want to get back out there and hang out with my friends on the beach listening to live music...I just don't see how this will be possible in September. I feel like beach concerts might be some of the first to come back, because you can keep more of a distance than having to sit next to someone at the Arts Center or something. Even with that, this festival is just over six weeks away, and I feel like a lot of things are going to have to improve without any setbacks before something like this can happen.

You can follow the event page on Facebook for any updates.

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