Guns N Roses announced a VIP experience package for their two upcoming Vegas shows. The package costs $2,500 and includes:

  • One ticket in the first 10 rows of seating, guaranteed.
  • "Essential Guns N' Roses VIP Gift Bag," including special merchandise and a commemorative VIP laminate and matching lanyard.
  • A signed, numbered, limited edition poster.
  • A photo on stage before the show.
  • A backstage tour.
  • Pre-show cocktails.
  • Access to a VIP hospitality lounge.
  • A dinner buffet and drinks.
  • Various prizes, ability to shop for more merch and other "perks."

What the package does NOT include: actually meeting any of the band. I know that not every VIP experience includes meeting the band, and it's not like you'll be hanging in the green room with Axl, but for two-and-a-half grand, you would at least expect some photo ops, no? has also pointed out that the "one ticket in the first 10 rows of seating" is a bit misleading, considering the layout of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.


The "first row" starts at those green sections. Which means if you buy a (much cheaper) GA Floor ticket, you'll end up closer to the stage!

This, of course, will all be irrelevant, because no matter how much you spend on a ticket, you'll all be screwed when Axl decides he doesn't want to come on stage til four hours after he was supposed to, then only play two and a half songs before storming off...that is if they don't cancel the entire show/tour anyway.

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