I’m definitely no sports expert, but two things I do enjoy are hockey and adorable mascots. ‘Gritty,’ the new mascot for my favorite team, the Philadelphia Flyers, definitely does not fall under the adorable mascot category. In fact, this thing is borderline terrifying.

Somehow, it took two whole years for the Flyers to come up with this. I’m guessing the thought process behind it was to stick with a mascot that isn’t a real animal or object, since the Philly Phanatic is a fan favorite. But, while the Philly Phanatic comes off as cuddle and lovable despite his bizarre appearance, Gritty looks rather repulsive. He’s covered in bright orange hair? Fur? And, he has creepy crazy googly eyes.

And don’t get me started on his dance moves.

I know, I’m speechless too.

Philly fans get enough of a hard time. I don’t think this mascot is going to help us any.

You can dive deeper into Gritty via Deadspin.

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