It feels good to have a sense of normalcy in our lives as we move forward in this new chapter of Covid19.  Careful what you wish for.  Jersey Central Power and Light say they are resuming indoor meter reading.  Something they did not do the past year due to the pandemic.  Safety measures suspended normal indoor readings since March of 2020.

If you have an indoor meter, these new meter readings and the electric bill they will generate could and probably will shock you!  You see, JCP&L uses a formula that bills customers for an estimated monthly use, which is based on the same month from the year prior.

Here’s another way to look at it.  The bills you received last year were based on your electric use estimates from 2019.  Now, the bills you receive in 2021 are based on your electric use estimates from 2020.  Got it?  Now think about how much you worked remotely from the dining room table; how many Zoom calls you were on; how many times your kids attended the virtual classroom; how many additional times you opened and closed the refrigerator door.  It all adds up and it’s not for free.

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According to JCP&L spokesman Chris Hoenig, "Customers are being charged for the difference between the actual electricity consumption and the amount that was estimated in their original bill.  These are not overcharges or rate increases, but bring their accounts current based on actual electric usage."

If your Current situation shocks your wallet with an unexpected higher than a normal electric bill, JCP&L says it will assist residential customers with payment plans.

One more thing…keep in mind, the imposed prohibition on electric, gas, and water shutoffs expire on June 30th

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