Just about a month ago, we learned that the belligerent Bagel Boss guy, who gained internet fame for a rant about how women don't like short men, would be participating in a "celebrity" (extreme usage of irony quotes there) boxing match...but he didn't have an opponent yet.

Now, TMZ is reporting that he will take on NAILS himself, former Mets & Phillies star Lenny Dykstra.

It was originally reported that Bagel Boss Guy (real name: Chris Morgan) could fight the Bed Intruder Guy, Antoine Dodson. On paper that seemed like a mismatch, because Morgan is a short stocky dude while Dodson was tall and skinny. Dykstra's Baseball Reference page lists him at 5'10", 160lbs, but I'm assuming that refers to his playing weight, not his current stature. I have no idea who has any sort of upper hand in this fight - you would think a former professional athlete would have an advantage, but then you remember that Dykstra is 56 with a history of substance abuse problems. TMZ is also reporting that Bagel Boss Guy is taking this very seriously, and training with some famous MMA fighters.

Also adding to this circus is the rumor that the special guest referee will be Bam Margera, who was last seen going to rehab after begging Dr. Phil for help.

Regardless, if you head to Atlantic City on September 7th, you will see...something. Everything is just awful.

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