My daughter started Pre-K last week. My younger cousins are starting school, college is back in session, and everyone is getting back to work. Back to school season is always stressful, but obviously with the pandemic situation, everything is even harder this year.

As a way to say thanks to teachers, Wawa is offering them free coffee! Teachers, faculty members, school administrators, and support staff will be able to get a free coffee of any size starting today (September 8th) through September 30th. If you work at a school, you'll just have to tell the cashier at the register to get your free coffee (and if you don't work at a school, you'd have to be a huge jerk to lie to take advantage of this deal just to save a couple bucks).

Wawa's Chief Food & Beverage Officer Mike Sherlock said

As students make their way back to school in-person and virtually across our communities, we wanted to show our tremendous appreciation for the teachers and faculty who are working tirelessly to educate children in our area despite the many unique challenges our schools face this year. In a school year starting out unlike any we’ve experienced, we are happy to provide this small gesture for a limited time, and we are grateful to so many teachers for providing support for youth in our communities.

I have a lot of friends who are teachers, and they're going through a lot this year. I see a lot of their arguments on both sides, whether schools should be opened or remain closed. It's been tough of lots of them, having to do virtual learning since March. I know a cup of coffee seems like a small gesture, but any little bit that can help a teacher out is a good thing.

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