My vacation ended last week, but I felt like a got a bonus weekend when I went to see the Yankees take on the Rays at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

I've mentioned many times that I'm a big Yankees fan, but admittedly I hadn't made my way up to the new stadium yet. It's a bummer, but this past weekend I finally got my first trip. Hope you dig the pix!

I use the MLB MasterCard, so my reward points can be exchanged for baseball stuff like hats, jerseys, autographs, and tickets. The tickets were pretty freaking sweet, Section 121A, field level, right behind home plate.


My girlfriend's fave player Nick Swisher wasn't starting, but he did pinch-hit so she wasn't totally disappointed.


I love my digital camera, the zoom is pretty impressive. This is the Yanks' dugout, you can see CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes, Curtis Granderson, Raul Ibanez, Robinson Cano and others.


It was great game, Granderson & Nunez homered, the Rays made it close but the Yanks came off with a victory!