Toms River Diner

Toms River Diner is Officially Open
The Toms River Diner is open once again for business!
I drove by this afternoon and saw cars in the parking lot and an "Open" sign on the front door.
Their hours are 6a-11p, seven days a week
First Look: Inside The NEW Toms River Diner
Every time I drive by the new Toms River Diner on Rt. 37, I always wonder two things: When will they be opening, and what does it look like inside now?
I try to see if there are people inside and a door is open so I can go inside and get a sneak peek of what the NEW Toms River Diner looks like now, a…
Toms River Diner Opening Soon?
I was driving on Rt. 37 yesterday and as I was driving past the Toms River Diner, I noticed that they have a new sign. It appears as though they are getting closer to reopening
As you might recall, the Toms River Diner closed a few years ago, but then early last year this sign appeared
There has been …
New Life For Toms River Diner?
It appears so...
I was driving on Rt. 37 earlier today and I saw this sign on the property of the Toms River Diner.
Rumor has it that another diner owner has purchased the Toms River Diner, but I can't confirm that.
Besides that, I don't have any more info on this...